Our bookshops are committed to compassion ministries both at home and abroad.


For many years we have offered practical support to homeless people who present themselves to our shop. The needs of homeless people vary enormously due to the fact that many of them have either mental health or life issue problems. We often end up becoming their unpaid support worker in helping them with accommodation, food, benefit problems etc, and offering them our counsel. We share the good news of the Gospel with them in order to see their life transformed by the saving power of Jesus Christ. Our Southend shop became a founding member of SHAN (Southend Homeless Action Network) and through this we work with various agencies such as Mental Health, Citizen Advice, Probation, Council etc.

Valley of Blessing (Vale da Benção) School, Brazil

Valley of Blessing School Opening

Valley of Blessing School Opening Day

Ray of Hope is a charity which seeks to transform the lives of the children and families living in the villages scattered along the edge of the river Amazon in Brazil. In 2007/2008 our shops, in partnership with our customers, raised the funds for Ray of Hope to build a school in the Valley of Blessing village. The size of the school was increased to 250 children, making it the district school, to accommodate the children from the surrounding villages. We are looking to contribute to the ongoing expenditure for the Valley of Blessing School which includes teaching costs, food for the children and education materials.

Zimbabwe Food Appeal

As you are probably aware, millions of people in Zimbabwe are facing starvation. Dawson, a previous employee of ours, is the senior pastor of three churches in the Bulawayo area. Since the autumn of 2008, we, together with our customers, have been providing food support for over 600 people who attend his churches. Maize meal, the staple food for people in Zimbabwe, has been shipped in from South Africa. Dawson has travelled to Botswana, where with money we have sent him, he purchases cooking oil, sugar, laundry soap, bath soap and soups etc in order to provide for the household needs of his people.

Jesus Is Alive! Orphan Fund

This was started in May 2010 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, to meet the needs of Zimbabwe's forgotten children. Initially, the fund will be used to pay for the schooling and daily needs of the orphans in Dawson's three churches in Bulawayo, whose members have taken in orphans. As 70% of the members of these churches are unemployed, the people who look after these orphans are unable of themselves to pay even the school fees. We have rectified this situation. However, our larger vision is to build our first orphanage in Zimbabwe based on George Muller's idea. We will put the children into houses over which there will be a house mother and a house father. Please pray this vision into being.

The future

To help fund our compassion ministries in the coming days, we have set up a separate fund at the Nationwide Building Society.If you would like to contribute to this work please send us a cheque made payable to Southend Christian Bookshop indicating "this is for your compassion ministries" or ring 01702 344008 to make a card payment.